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Design Driven was created following the desire to talk about the fundamental role of design within business.

Design Driven is a platform for entrepreneurs and designers. Design Driven exists to bring confirmations of business success with the help of design. We gather visions on design from various perspectives : from designers, from business people, from renown sources that study the subject of design. Driven Design’s objective is to encourage the perception of design as a key element for generating innovation, competitive advantages, growth and profit in the business environment.

What is Design Driven?

An online platform for information
We publish articles, interviews and case studies in order to promote a “design driven” way of thinking in the business area.

A program of creative strategy consultancy
We organize consultancy sessions for young entrepreneurs who want to launch a new business or who want to revitalize the business they already have.

A community of creative people
We invite designers from various fields and inspirational entrepreneurs to talk about their visions and successful stories and to help us develop a dialogue on design topics.

What we aim?

To promote design as a key element in the DNA of a business
We promote the importance of investing in design. Whether we talk about the presentation of a brand, about the concept and design of new products and services or about the integration of design within the business strategy.

To support entrepreneurs in the process of building a creative concept for their business
We support new brands by offering them consultancy for brand strategy development, helping them build the concept and vision for further evolution.

To create a framework for debate on design
We investigate and present various opinions and visions. We invite business people to talk about design and designers to talk about business.

Design Driven is created for…

Entrepreneurs who want to launch a business.

Business-owners who are always looking for innovation and inspiration.

Designers interested in new visions and concepts.

Designers who want to showcase and take part to the dialogue.

Do you want to get involved?

You want to propose us a subject or an article.

You are a designer and you want to share your vision.

You are an entrepreneur and you want to present us your design-driven business success.