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Creativity Challenge. Country Brands. Design Thinking Week.

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In today’s link find two suggestions on how to enhance creativity and innovation : Creativity Challenge book, and Design Thinking course run by Future London Academy. Find also a nice read on Country brands: what are the key drivers of a strong country brand and how does the entire mechanism work?

1. Non-design aspects of running a creative studio summed up in 5 lessons coming from Phage, a two-person design agency with 13 years’ experience.

2. “Creativity challenge” – a book written by Tanner Christensen, product designer at Facebook and the founder of Creative Something blog. The book consists of 150 creative challenges for anyone that needs to boost their creativity.

George Lois : “Creativity can solve almost any problem. The creative act, the defeat of habit by originality overcomes everything.”


3. “Design thinking and innovation week” is a course organized by Future London Academy targeted to entrepreneurs that takes place between 14-20 March 2016 in London. “A unique programme for service designers, creative entrepreneurs and business owners.” This sounds perfect!

4. What is a country brand? What are the key drivers of a country brand? See the top 20 country brands around the world in the Country Brand Index conducted by Future Brand between 2014-1015.

“The key drivers of a ‘country brand’ include having a reputation for high quality products, a desire to visit or study in a country and perceptions of good infrastructure.”

Ilustration by : Yusuke Yonezu


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