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Entrepreneurship is art. Anchor. Design sheep-ism


How much do artists and entrepreneurs have in common? And how is the design world of the past 15 years dominated by trends?

1. Alyson Beaton is a designer and an entrepreneur. Wow! So here is her advice, which should be very priced as it comes from someone that sees from both perspectives.

“As an entrepreneur, the first thing to do is to find your inspiration. Ask yourself what your goal is. Once you’ve defined your success, you’ll be able to evaluate the outcome.”

2. Here is a nice video with Steve Blank for Stanford Business School. He talks about entrepreneurship as a calling driven by passion.

“Entrepreneurs are closer to artists than any other career”

3. TRY THIS APP! Anchor is an app that allows you to record and share soundbites of yourself talking.

4. VIDEO with Jim Bull, co-founder of Moving Brands, talking about the “design sheep-ism”. Are we following trends too much? Why is the design of the last 15 years so “uniform”? Our guess would be that the need to deliver information in a fast and intuitive way for today’s costumer drove design to a standardized, over-simplified, and uniform area. What about the need of surprise?

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Woolen blankets created by the brand Lapuan Kankurit, Finland. Designer : Masaru Suzuki


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