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In today’s links you can read about great company fusions with the aim of boosting creativity, some things big companies should consider when dealing with social media, the importance of having a mission as entrepreneur and about Julie Zhuo’s design lessons.

1. IDEO, the award – winning global design firm has joined kyu collective, a group of creative companies, in order to respond to the most ardent challenges regarding society and business.

“Bringing others to the party who feel the same way just makes us faster, stronger, and able to build things of which today, we can only dream.”

2. This article shows the differences between one way social media and a cross-functional social media team that implies not only the marketing managers but relevant people across the company.

“To be more effective at building relationships with consumers online, companies need a cross-functional social media team, one where marketing works together with other departments. Distributing social responsibilities to relevant people across the organization can be efficient, be effective, and help make one-on-one customer engagement scalable.”

3. What kind of entrepreneur are you? John Doerr, partner at Kleiner Perkins, talks about the distinction between high impact entrepreneurs -the missionaries ones- and those that are less eager to work with, -the mercenaries ones-.

“The critical distinction that separates high-impact entrepreneurs from those who don’t make a big difference, is less about what they do and more about what they believe and how they behave.”

4. Julie Zhuo, product director at Facebook writes 8 things to have in mind when thinking about design. This is our favorite:

“To do things of great impact, you cannot be a lone wolf.”

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