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Re-inventing soup – service design – from product to service

This case-study shows how service design methods can be used to transform a simple product into an innovative service, creating a fun and engaging experience for the customers … as well as for the suppliers.

Hellon, a renowned human-centered design agency with offices in Finland and UK, worked with Saarioinen, one of the largest food companies in Finland, to develop a new concept for a drinkable on-the-go soup.

Hellon took a convenience soup product and brought it into the modern day. Instead of buying a ready-made soup off the shelf, the consumer can now create their own tasty Soup’n’Soul soup by choosing a base, additional flavours and a topping, and enjoy a memorable service experience.

Apart from the healthy ingredients and the good taste of the soup, what else can be done to create a pleasant experience for the customers? Where do they buy the soup? What can be done so that the customers can enjoy a warm soup on the go?

The process took 1 year to complete and included various phases, from developing the new business model to creating the marketing concept design. When working on the new business model, Hellon focused on finding new service business opportunities, new partners that would help create a more pleasant customer experience and new revenue stream.

Exploring the possibilities of service providers to help deliver the new soup to customers, Hellon saw an opportunity in professional baristas. The new healthy soup became a service delivered at the cafe. It is made by baristas, heated with existing coffee machine equipment and can be enjoyed at the café or on the go.

To test the product Hellon organized a 3 days live testing lab at the chosen café and gathered feedback from customers and employees. The findings were used in the further development of the product and for developing the brand identity and marketing concept.

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Source : Hellon


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