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Start small, think big!



Morningstar is a good example of brand that integrates design into the core of the business. The company was launched in 1984 by the entrepreneur Joe Mansueto, with a total investment of 80,000 USD. More than half of this amount was invested in the branding of the company. Paul Rand, the legendary designer that created logos for renown companies such as IBM and ABC, was chosen to create the Morningstar logo for 50,000 USD.

Mansueto claims that this decision was one of the best in the early days of his business.


“I think the cost-benefit payoff is very, very high, but I can’t give you a specific number or way to measure it.”


Since its inception, the company pays a great amount of attention to design. Design becomes a part of their business culture. It is applied systemically at all the levels of the business, in prints and all communication, for service and product development, or into the way the work space is organized.

Morningstar uses design as a business strategy. For their approach to business and design, the company receives the AIGA award for corporate design leadership, in Chicago, in 2010.


Find the full case study about Morningstar published on Forbes: Good Design Is Good Business. Just Ask Morningstar.


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