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What factors matter the most for start-up success?

A 6 minutes video with Bill Gross, founder and CEO of Idealab business incubator, presenting a study on different factors that make the difference from failure to business success : idea, team, business model, funding and timing. Which one do you think that matters the most?

“Leadership is about listening to multiple opinions but in the end trusting your instincts and deciding.”

Article on leadership written by Mark Suster, entrepreneur and investor; what it takes to be a leader and what are the benefits of a great leadership? You can also find two useful links about two organization systems: OKR and V2MOM.

“Just run with it, you never know what happens anyway.”

Dorm Room Tycoon interviews the most influential people in business, design and technology. It is for sure the place where you can find some groundbreaking ideas. We propose the interview with Tina Roth Eisenberg talking on the importance of developing side-projects. Tina is a graphic designer, famous for her blog She managed to give life to many self-initiated projects that grew or are growing into successful businesses. She founded Tattly, a brand of temporary tattoos, Friends, a creative collaborative space in Brooklyn, the to-do app Teux Deux, and Creative Mornings, a series of lectures for the creative community around the world.
We learn about the importance of being curious and authentic, of putting passion and enthusiasm into new ideas, investing time into developing amazing self-initiated projects that can grow and generate passive income. That’s all it takes to begin with : a great idea and a lot of passion. Leave the planning stuff for later.

“In many ways what North have created has allowed us to realize the potential of the identity, ensuring it can exist seamlessly on different platforms, using the Tate logo and typography in more expressive ways in our communications and on products in our shops and applying colour creatively.”

A case study on the TATE rebranding, done by North studio – why was it necessary and what was needed to be done ?

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