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David Bowie vs. Branding



On the occasion of “David Bowie Is” exhibition at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, AIGA published an article written by Jude Steward, that outlines 6 lessons derived from the evolution of this legendary culture icon. The article is called “6 Things David Bowie Taught Me about Branding and analyses the inspirational and ever surprising way in which David Bowie has built his “brand” over time.


The article is full of metaphors and provoked us to think differently about brands. Here are our conclusions

1. Be one step ahead, project your thinking into the future, create a brand story full of fantasy and innovation;

2. Let your brand evolve. Always explore new opportunities;

3. Collaborate as often as you can, make connections with people from complementary fields;

4. This is a well-known thing: famous brands create culture and define behavior models;

5. Offer your public a complete experience, not just a simple service;

6. Leave your comfort zone; it is only then that wonderful things happen.




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